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  1.足球英语怎样写 足球”的英语是 “Football” football 读音:英 ['f大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!?tb??l] 美 ['f?tb?l] 短语: American football 美式足球 ; 美式橄榄球 ; 橄榄球 ; 美式足球或美式橄榄球 International football 国际足球 ; 国际足坛 Association football 足球 ; 英式足球 ; 足球运动 ; 协会足球 词性:n. [英国英语]足球;足球运动 [美国英语]橄榄球;橄榄球运动 被粗暴地踢来踢去的人(或问题、悬案) [美国俚语]内藏核战斗密码网(或密码书)的公事包 vi. 踢足球;打橄榄球 造句: Our school defeated that school at [in] football大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!. 我校在足球竞赛中战胜了那个学校大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!。 2.用英语写足球的规章 FootballFootball is connected with the people throughout the world.It has become a part of people's life..Every day,man),football matches are going on here and there around the world.Pick up anewspaper and you can learn the the results of the football matches.We enjoy playing football,watching football games after work.During the football matches of the World Cup,millions of people watch the matches on TV.When their favorite teams win,they will give them three cheers.When they fail,they feel sad.We all hope our national team will be the strongest one in the world.Modern football originated in Britain.In 1848,the first football rules in the form of text,"Cambridge Rules" was born.October 26,1863,the British Football Association of England held in the modern history of football is very important meetings,drafted Return Journey game,which is the model of modern football.In the same year,the United Kingdom and the establishment of the first Football Association.From then on,organized,to a certain constraints under the rules of football began to spread from Britain in Europe,spread all over the world.In the late 19th century,football in Western European countries have been quite popular.In 1896 the first Olympic Games,Soccer events will be listed as one of the.FIFA was founded in 1894,is currently a member of more than 200.They can take part in the 1930 World Cup as well as the founder of the continent's Cup.Today,soccer has become the world's number one sport.现代足球起源于英国.在1848年,第一次足球规章形式的文字,“剑桥规章”诞生了.1863年10月26日,